BOOKING FOR 8th-15th OCTOBER 2022 

Who is this retreat for?

Anyone with a love of group fitness, exploration, connecting with new people and eating delicious healthy food.

Why book a VIDAH Retreat?

Our team of experts have got all aspects of a fantastic retreat week covered

David, who’s lived in Ibiza for 13 years as a professional chef

Charlotte, who has been a master trainer in group fitness and yoga in the heart of London for 10 years

Tara, who has run retreats for 5 years and is dedicated to making your experience magical

We combine our in-depth understanding of the island with the world class movement classes that London has to offer.


To find purpose in movement. We develop new skills in our training, try new sports and exercise disciplines. We deliver a fitness program that is by design, broad, general and inclusive, with the aim of leaving you with healthy habits to take away from the retreat and into your everyday life.


To help maintain a healthy balance of body and mind through nutrition. Learn about the importance of good nutrition and how different food choices impact our bodies, leaving you with knowledge you can apply to your daily life. We use locally sourced and seasonal produce, and help to support local businesses.


To do our best to preserve the natural beauty and environment around us. Use less plastic, buy local and sustainable, recycle.


What’s included:

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 3 daily movement classes
  • 1 rest day brunch and hike
  • 3 meals per full day, plus tea and coffee
  • Transport to and from the airport (provided that you arrive and leave on the start day and end day of the retreat)

7 night stay in a luxury villa in the heart of Ibiza

  • En suite double bedrooms
  • Stay in a luxury villa in the heart of Ibiza
  • Multiple terraces and sun lounging areas
  • Beautiful infinity pool
  • Indoor chillout seating in the main house
  • Air conditioning, TVs and Wifi in each room
  • A fruit garden to explore

‘These retreats are a breath of fresh air, but they’re more than that, they’re unique, they help you understand how to move your body properly with proper coaching and excellent nutritious food provided by the wonderful Dave. Charlotte provides a wonderful atmosphere and by the end of the week you feel like you’re with family. If you want to do one thing for yourself this year book yourself onto a retreat.’

— Emma N.

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